Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blogging on an 'Outdoor Roll' ...

Take note of the lineup - forming to the left - of O'fieldstream's Blogroll. Also NOTE the addition of the XML link to this blog. Click it and subscribe to O'fieldstream's Blog ... you'll be getting a lot more than you realize: NOT JUNK though!

God don't make no junk - and we don't send no junk!

I'll be adding more site-links each day. So return often to subscribe to the new listings. Please, do yourself a big favor - visit these sites! Among them are veteran outdoor writers who have produced high-quality, dependable, rock-solid, credible information, that is also a good read, for years. Others will be by amateur and veteran alike. ALL of them are enjoyable and are chosen to provide a balanced point of view for you to become better educated in the Outdoor Heritage issues.

I've worked hard to educate each and every one of the owners/authors - of these links - to the benefits of blogging and the use of the eSyndication tools. It's not been an easy sell. And none has really hit the pay-dirt on it yet. But the pay-off in quality writing and reading - easily accessible ONLINE - is definitely a 'gold mine'.

As the old saw says, " ... to those who persevere, rich rewards will come." I honestly believe this .. even in the cynical times in which we live. 'Keep an open and positive mind', was one of my father's favorite admonitions. 'Absorb and learn all you can. BECOME INFORMED ', was one of his favorite aphorisms. He would tell me, " .. this is the only way the 'prepared mind' has a chance of taking advantage of life - to the fullest - when serendipity strolls by." Dad was a pretty sharp cookie'; right up there with the likes of Louis Pasteur, who is credited with saying, "Chance favors the prepared mind". I sure do miss Dad these days. But I am so thankful he gave me these bits of the 'puzzle of life' to live with. He also passed on to me the knowledge of our Outdoor Heritage.

Take steps to insure you're a building link for Outdoor Heritage, yourself -- PASS IT ON.

Read them and enjoy. Be sure to drop them some comments on their pages. And if you like the tips- drop me a line, too. Everyone likes to know how they are doing in the sight of their audience.

Good day to you all ... more to come from the source of Outdoor Heritage information, so stay tuned.

A. O'fieldstream

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