Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Words of Wisdom ...

Dave Richey preparing to photograph a big muskie My good friend and colleague, Dave Richey has been 'off-line' for a while, as his blog was being rebuilt. He's now back in the saddle and riding as straight as ever.

His first blog in weeks demonstrates that when you're 'hot' - you're hot! No time away, no matter how aggravating to him, dampened, nor burred his writing edge.

This is not only classic Richey writing, but it's just good sense. Real good sense. And since Dave is a living example of both tenacity, talent and tested in said topic - his words are very well worth reading ... and heading close attention to.

Read Dave's latest piece, Never Take Your Vision for Granted and dip into the dozens of other postings on his newly updated site at Outdoors With Dave Richey. And to keep up on his move into the New Media horizon, keep an eye on his new web site, too: Dave Richey OUTDOORS.

Following Dave's good sense advice, we should - as well - never take for granted the availability of such good writing as found in every Dave Richey article and post.


PS... Dave has a regular gig now, writing the Sunday column for the Traverse City (MI) Record-Eagle newspaper. If you don't subscribe to the TR Record-Eagle, you can catch his article and links to his blog on the paper's website. Dave pieces are under: Outdoors. Dave is the Outdoor/Local Columnist for the Record-Eagle.