Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Being Thankful, unfortunately, has it's difficult side these days

We live in what has to be one of the most awkward times for our country - possibly ever. On one hand we are striving to rid the World of the menace of demonic terrorism. And, yet, on the other hand that same government is speeding pall mall toward the destruction of our very platform of life: our lands. our water. our air. How can this be?

There is but one word that calls all of these together and binds them into understanding. That word is GREED. There is an old story of how to catch a monkey with a jar of cookies. Put several cookies in the jar and leave it in the open. When you see a monkey reach in, you will also see him just set there. You will be able to walk right up to the monkey and dispatch him without bother. Why? Why would this, otherwise, shrewd and warry animal not flee at the approach of a human? The answer is simple. The monkey had too many cookies in its hand to get it out of the jar and would not drop the cookies to make his escape.

This describes the very act of knowingly destroying the land, air and water on which our very life depends. And why those who do so, do it with doctored science and statistics. Knowing full well that the truth-of-the-matter will be devastating in the end. Yet, they will - for the short-term - suck the life out of what is avaiable for their gain today.

I know. When you put it like this - it's obviously insane. And you'll say, "They can't possibly be doing that!" My response - and the response of many others in the scientific, outdoor recreation, environmental, agricultural and many other areas - is simply this, '... take a look at what is happening. The facts do tell as very scary truth.'

So, at this season of the Thanksgiving holiday, as yourself this simple question. At time when more people are concerned with 'big sales' and buying gifts for the upcoming Xmas season, than they are for the health and safety of their very own environment, do we actually have ANYTHING ... or ANYONE!... to be Thankful; for?
Well... more all the time - a thinking person must weigh-that-question-out... longer and longer. But the overriding answer is still .. YES!

We STILL have he opportunity to put a halt to the insanity. We STILL have the power of Free Speech. We STILL have the ability to move toward a 'grass roots' movement. We STILL have the financial freedom to 'make things happen'. The QUESTION that remains is still the same one that's been asked for the last 34 years of my memory - and who knows how long before that ... "Will we ACT?" Not just, "Will we ACT IN TIME?" But, simply, "WILL WE ACT?", at all... ?

But IF we wait much longer, we won't have the air for the breath it will take to speak-out or take action. We will go thirsty for want of water - and all efforts will wither. In the end there won't be any land worth fighting for. Then - YES THEN - we will no longer need a Thanksgiving Day ... we'll then be crying for a DAY when we once could be Thankful.

Act NOW ! Let's not wait until there is NO time left. And let's realize that time IS very close. A LOT CLOSER than most realize.


Be Thankful. Have a Pleasant Thanksgiving. But, also be in a state-of-mind that is determined to KEEP THAT FOR WHICH WE HAVE TO BE THANKFUL!!

This IS vital to - and a vital part of - your OUTDOOR HERITAGE.

A. O'fieldstream

Monday, November 22, 2004

A Picture of Outdoor Heritage .. in ACTION

Weblog: "Four Generations Of Richeys.

TRAVERSE CITY - The air was cool and the wind was up a bit but I chose to sit out this hunting day. It was a day I'll long remember because it was filled with love and promise as we greeted a new arrival in our family.

There were four generations of Richeys gathered at our home today. My father, Lawrence, at 92 years old, is the patriarch of our family. Me, at 65, was the next oldest. My son Guy, soon to be 35, brought his six-week-old son, Joshua David, to our home for a mini-family reunion. It was the first time my father had a chance to meet his great-grandson, and for us to get all four generations together." READ ON