No doubt you have found this Journal's mission expresses a few differences from the typical fair found in outdoor publications today. Yet, the topics covered are quite familiar to anyone with an interest in The

Outdoors. We encourage you to take a long, hard, look at this site, the contents and the message. Think about what O'fieldstream says.  Look into it.
Analyze it. Scrutinize it. And yes, even argue with it.
In the end, we believe you will be surprised to find a great deal of agreement with what O'fieldstream
says. We believe the tenor of O'fieldstream will be far closer to what you truly feel and believe - what you look for in the outdoor experience - than you initially realized.

O'fieldstream is NOT a front for or group of flaming radicals, Righters or Lefters, rights activists, or any other number of sociopolitical movements around today. O'fieldstream represents:
  • the voice of concerned members of the human race actively involved in outdoor heritage activities,
  • the voice of respectful users of the natural resources
  • the voice of sincere participants who deeply respect and appreciate the natural resources
  • the voice of thoughtful people who want to insure the outdoor heritage activites remain viable for future generations
O'fieldstream is a voice for those who are willing to "buck-the-system" of over-active political correctness and market prostitution to say what needs to be said,
"We [the human race] have made big, and are continuing to make bigger, more destructive, mistakes with our natural resources. And it must stop! We can co-exist supportively within the framework of the natural environment ... BUT ... we must be willing to do what it takes to correct the problems we've created ... and deal with the fallout of years of neglect and abuse."
It's as plain and simple as that. What you see is what you get.

Read us and you'll see.

Heritagekeeper of the Outdoor Heritage Activies

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