Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Solar Eclipse: Fade to Black and Back


Today a total solar eclipse may be observed from 08:36 GMT (09:36 BST) to 11:48 GMT (12:48 BST) in Eastern Brazil, West and North Africa, Turkey, Central Asia and Mongolia.

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 is underway. The area with the best view will be across Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. North, Central and South America will miss out this year; as will Austrailia and the archipeligos of the Pacific. This site is devoted specifically to the March 29, 2006 Solar Eclipse.

For those who would want to venture out to WATCH the eclipse or even PHOTOGRAPH it, follow those links. Be very careful about, 'watching' an eclipse. The full force of the sun can permanently destroy your sight! There are safe ways to accomplish being a witness to this great natural event; they are in the link above on WATCHing the eclipse.

Head to the Weather Underground Photo Gallery to see the picture NOW flowing in showing the eclipse from those areas in which it is visible. WOW! Some super shots already!!!

Weather Underground Photo Gallery also has a Photo Contest going .. check out the 'rules of engagement' HERE.

The Total Eclipse in history have been seen as being a time of great dread and terror. [1].

The term, "Total Eclipse" has come to mean many things, as well. We are a specie that loves to play with our languages, aren't we!

However, a total solar eclipse is a marvel of a nature. NASA's Solar Eclipse Page offers some very interesting data, insight and info. Here's a neat explanation of HOW a solar eclipse occurs.

Wikipedia Info on the Solar Eclipse is really cool! They have the animated graphic for tracking the path of the total solar eclipse.

If you've been fortunatre enough to have the opportunity to observer - first hand - this stellar event of nature, then post your comments. Include links to photos that you've made or you've found that others have made. I look forward to the next time we in North America have the opportunity to observe and record this great natural event.