Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy 70th Birthday, Dave Richey

Today is the 70th birthday of my good friend and esteemed colleague Dave Richey, of Traverse City, MI.

Dave has more awards - on the wall, table and in the outdoor writer awards books - than just about anyone else who has ever tackled the business as a full time - Outdoor Writer. His efforts have garnered him accolades and admiration from around the world of Outdoor Communications. But none of these acknowledgments mean as much to Dave as knowing the dozens of names - of current and past - outdoor writers whom he has had a hand in guiding.

Dave's greatest level of success is found in the lives of the dozens of outdoor communicators whom he and his talented and charming wife, Kay, have helped; to nurture, tutor, hand-hold, guide, direct and at times, swift-kicked into action, over the last 45 years.

If you've ever read a Dave Richey story [newspaper, magazine, book or guide] send him a Happy Birthday email!

If you've ever fished for salmon or steelhead in a tributary of the Great Lakes, send him a 'Thank You' & 'Happy BDay' - for he and his late-brother George - got it all started many, many runs ago.

If you've ever read an Outdoor related newspaper or magazine article; watched on TV or listened on radio, to the reporting of an outdoor experience that inspired, instructed, cajoled, cooed or concerned you, send him a 'Hearty Thank You' and 'Happy BDay' email.

For Dave Richey is the reigning Mentor to Outdoor Writers and Communicators. Yes, you can find others with more books published, or greater celebrity status and far more money stuffed into bank accounts. But, only a mere handful of them, have any trace of the [Hu] in their resume. Dave's is laden, brimming over, with the successes of professional and personal stories directed and guided by his influence.

Were it not for his tireless efforts on paper, with manufacturers, guides, state and federal agencies - whether at a conference, show or in-the-field, many of today's successful and important Outdoor Communicators just wouldn't be there. They wouldn't even have a place to work.

We ALL owe this quiet, down-to-earth, practicing hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman and crafter of fine prose - a deep 'Thank You!' of sincere gratitude.

PLEASE, join me, along with hundreds of others in wishing Dave Richey a warm and pleasant,

"Happy 70th Birthday!"

I will thank you in advance. Because I know many of you will do so. That's just the kind of folks outdoors people are.

[Hu]= Human Element