Thursday, April 07, 2005

Robert Winkler - Nature Writing

Robert Winkler - Going Wild: Adventures with Birds in the Suburban Wilderness

There are few things that can bring you lasting joy. One of them is just spending time OUTDOORS OBSERVING.

Robert Winkler has written a book that to me reflects in writing, what one of my favorite outdoor photographers - John Shaw has said for years and published in the American Photographer - where I was first introduced to John. In that introduction John stated was has been the essence of my method of 'Nature Recording' ... 'We do not need to go to far-off places to find the treasures of the natural world. We only need go out our back door and search in the areas we are already familiar with. We need to look at them more closely and truly observe what is there to see.'

Robert Winkler tells us the same thing in his book, Going Wild; showing us the diversity in our own 'suburban backyards' of bird life. The simple truth is - the facinating story of life is all around us. And so long as we remember this it will always be available.

When we start believing that the 'only place to see nature', is off in some remote area, then we will loose what is most important to the survival of all natural things .. our ability to be aware of our immediate surroundings. For being aware of what is close to us, is the essene of being aware of ourselves and the connectedness we share will all living things.

Nature aritists and journalists such as Shaw, Winkler and many more - show us in astounding beauty and clarity that we have a Heritage in being 'aware of our surroundings' .. as much as we have Heritage for life itself.

For being AWARE .. truly IS .. being ALIVE.

For those who are interested in starting a Nature Journal to record writings, muse, sketches, photos and more .. here are Robert Winkler's suggested LINKS.

Go peacfully and be aware.

The real world is outdoors. Go to it! ™

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wisconsin Outdoor News

Wisconsin Outdoor News ... Tips on a Safe Turkey Season Dan Small

Oh Man .. it's Gobbler Season again. My buddy, Dan Small with Dan Small Outdoors and the TV-talking-head for Outdoors Wisconsin, has written a slam-jam good article on saving your bacon when shooting turkey this Spring.

Here's my personal 'hunting mantra' covering ALL hunting scenarios'

Know Sex - Know Shot. No Sex - No Shot

It may be corny .. but if all hunters will keep this simple mantra in mind .. more of them will be back -ALIVE and UNHARMED- next year. As an added benefit, there will be a whole lot less 'ammunition' being put into the 'magazines' of those who want to do away with the priviledge of the heritage of field and stream harvesting.

Be safe. Have fun. Respect the Resource.

The real world is outdoors. Go to it! ™