Friday, November 12, 2004

Geoduck .. and RUNNING!!

One of my good friends - who also happens to be in the Outdoor Writing business - is Dan Small; noted outdoor writer, communicator and Wisconsin Public Television personality (Outdoor Wisconsin) and owner of

A few months ago, Dan began offering a platform for authors, artists and other communicators he comes across in his daily work and travels. He makes this delightful offering, in a section he's called GuestShot. So far he's found some very interesting folks; all of them writers - and so much more. The most recent entry, for the November GuestShot, is no less amusing, interesting and downright fascinating - let alone the author of some outlandish tales. Just take a look at this one.

Geoduck: "SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, A LADY E-MAILED ME a very odd request, even for a fish taxidermist. She was dying to know if I could make a trophy for her out of a clam. Attached to the e-mail was a photo of the particular one she had in mind. While I was thinking of chowder, a scan of something very alien began filling my computer screen. I am not certain if I gasped, giggled, or said something unprintable upon first seeing this 'thing.' Nobody could be presented with one of these mollusks without some type of jaw-dropping response, ranging from abject revulsion to almost devout reverence." FULL STORY ... well actually only a 'bit more' - seems Breakthrough hasn't made the full 'techno-breakthrough' to online publishing, as they want you to order the Winter 2002 Issue to read the full story. I don't know ... it just may well be worth the $8 they want for a single issue! Sheeze, the photos alone may make it worth a FULL-subscription .. check it out!