Thursday, June 07, 2007

Indiana Rivers Rally

West Lafayette, IN 7 June 2007

Today is the first day of the 3 day conference which many in the water and resource community has been awaiting for years. The Indiana Rivers Rally conference being held at Purdue University today - 7 June - through Saturday 9 June, is a gathering of the most interested and motivated of people working for the conservation, preservation, restoration and facilitation of Indiana's Hoosier Waterways.

Scientists, municipalities, non-profits and commercial enterprises all, will meet to discuss, debate and plan for the better use of the water and resources supportive to water in Indiana, for now and into the future. Many in the water community have great hope for the promises this meeting should bring about.

We at O'fieldstream are actively involved in the conference and will be reporting on the daily activities. If possible, we will blog directly from the conference. If not we will bring you daily updates. We are, unfortunately, only able to attend the first two (2) days of the conference, but we will obtain a 'stringer' to record the main events of Saturday 9 June in our absense.

Read about the objectives, mission and participants of the Indiana Rivers Rally on their official website. Also, you can read about the various organizations that are pushing this years meeting on the TippeFlyFisher; one of our satellite blogs.

Please... take the time to read about the conference. This will be your only way to find out what is happening at this conference as it is not open to the public. Again, remember this is the first year for the conference. We are sure there will be changes - very good ones at that - coming for the use and conservation of Hoosier waterways. As well, we hope to see next years' conference open up to a broader audience. At least that will be the O'fieldstream input.

Stay tuned ....


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