Saturday, September 03, 2005

Open Letter to Dave Winer & the Community Blogosphere

Dave ..

If you're reading this email ... PLEASE READ THIS!

We thought 9/11 was an event where blogging and podcasting could and did serve a great need, well, Katrina is the REAL PROVING GROUND. There are needs .. HUGE needs .. and they are NOT ALL centered in New Orleans !!!

As you well know - the Media is a one-sided, cycloptic monster. It only sees - all at once we must admit !! - in one direction. There are many stories of pain and suffering - atrocities we thought we'd never see in this country. But one of the most troubling, new development - is that the US Government Military is STOPPING and not allowing help to enter the areas, coming from family members and other citizens of the US. These are caravans of supplies needed - by those in the affected areas - to sustain life and rebuild their communities so life can struggle to its feet and make a lunge for some semblance of normalcy. People in these hardly accessible areas - such as Gulfport, MS - are DEPENDING on these supply lines getting through. It has become obvious that the lack of leadership from the highest levels of the US government to the local level are NOT going to do all that is needed to be done.

The WORD must go out to LET THE AMERICAN people help. And those who DO HAVE the connections - so well developed through their business contacts and many years of experience - DO NOT HINDER their actions to move forward in their - and their neighbors - struggle to recover.

I am in contact with a young lady - now in Atlanta - whose parents are still in Gulfport. They were very fortunate to have ridden out the hurricane and survived with their house to remain standing; scathed, but standing. If this were not bad enough, they now must take up 24-hr vigils to keep the thieves and vandals out of their home (read her entries 1 2 3). Understand, this is NOT about food and water - it is about property abduction .. shear theft: nothing else. This is NOT an isolated incident and it is NOT happening ONLY in New Orleans - it is happening all over Ocean Springs, Biloxi, Gulfport, Long Beach, Pass Christian, Bay St. Louis. Hell look at it, it's all the way from Mobile, Alabama to New Orleans (just do a Google on Gulfport - go to the Google Map and back OUT 3-cliks and you'll see the area of devastation - not just destruction - but DEVASTATION!) - this WHOLE area has been devastated and is becoming a wasteland overrun by thieves and thugs preying upon the survivors of Katrina's wake of destruction !

You're the KING of the Blogosphere .. like it or not. When 'Dave speaks' the blogging community and the blogosphere LISTENS! Speak out! Speak out now! Get the blogosphere humming with the news of this GROWING disaster. Katrina is gone from the map .. but SHE IS NOT GONE! Her wake is still reeling from the pummeling she gave this entire region.

If the WORD is not gotten out .. and I do mean the TRUE WORD .. the HONEST comments and stories of WHAT IS happening on the ground and in the backgrounds of humanity in these areas --- the fallout will reach from sea-to-not-so-shining-sea, from border-to-tenuous-border !!! This is an IMMENSE NATIONAL DISASTER that is STILL IN THE MAKING. But we CAN yet STOP the 2nd Wave of Katrina's Disaster .. the Human Reaction to the obvious, Inactive Leadership Vacuum, found at every level of government in this country.

I am sad to say it... but this is NOT a UNITED States of America ... it IS a very troubled and perilously close to dis-United States of America! A continuous line of communication MUST BE opened and the MEDIA must - ONCE AGAIN be moved off their hype position and MOVE the government to do what they are in-place to do .. SERVE THE PEOPLE OF the USA!! ALL THE PEOPLE!

Yes .. I am blogging this on two blogs:

The O'fieldstream Blog


Weather & Outdoor Heritage .. It's Life

I'm working with Doug Kaye as
'mentored junior editor' on his IT Conversations and I'm sending him this email as well. I'm also sending it to all the major bloggers I know and know of. I am hoping - PRAYING - that the blogging and podcasting communities join together to Become the FORCE for ACTION - not revolt - ACTION to get the wheels of bureaucracy freed up and turning for the good of the American people who PAY to have it work for them.

I'm listening right now to Geraldo Rivera claiming the wonders of the chopper FINALLY arriving to take the 25,000! people - they are NOT REFUGEES! - they are SURVIVORS - Human Beings - Citizens of the USA - out of that fetid hell-hole to a place that is cleaner, safer and a chance to make a new start. The logistics of this entire Event .. is a nightmare. But we are NOT going to be able to wakeup from it ... it IS REAL! And IT IS NOW!

Thanks for your help. Let's hope, pray and work our asses off to get this moving. If we don't WE ALL WILL LOOSE .. and LOOSE B I G !!

les booth
aka, O'fieldstream

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