Thursday, May 12, 2005

Helping Hands are Most Welcome

As I mentioned yesterday, good friend and collegue, Dan Small and his wife Shivani were in a near fatal crash of their SUV and trailer on Tuesday of this week, on I-94 in northern Ohio.

They survived miraculously with no more than minor scrapes and bruises. But they have lost their 15-year old cat, Bobby. In the aftermath of first determining they were OK, then picking up the remains of their belongings, they began both the sorting out and the looking for Bobby, The Cat. But they have not been alone.

The small town of Kingsville, OH - a literal 'spot-in-the-road'- population of around 2500 folks. And from the reports Dan gives - I'd say they are pretty much all friendly folks, too. From the moment the EMT's arrived on the crash scene 'til today - the folks of Kingsville have been extremely kind and helpful to the two crash-refugees in their time of need. Again - I'll leave you to read Dan's continuing story on his blog, On The Road.

From Dan's reports, the folks of Kingsville, OH get high marks in being just plain - 'nice folks'. Kudos the community of Kingsville, OH. That is to your credit. It really nice to know that if a person finds themselves in dire-straights, there are folks like you all around. Please, by all means... keep it up!


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