Saturday, March 19, 2005

Scdoris, Ellering .. Winning Combo!

Cabela's Iditarod - 2005 Race Coverage

Scdoris, Ellering recount Iditarod trip
by Jon Little

NOME, 1:30 p.m., March 18, 2005

When Rachael Scdoris’ dog team finally made it to Eagle Island, the Bend, Ore., dog musher was so wrung out from muscling the sled through soft snow that she cared for her team, shuffled over to a wall tent and collapsed into her sleeping bag. She didn’t move for hours. ...from Cabelas Idiatarod Coverage Online

Paul Ellering and Rachael Scdoris talking to the
media in Nome's convention center.

As I said before .. Rachael Scdoris is a WINNER, by any and all standards. No slack should be given toward Paul Ellering either. It's had to imagine a veteran musher having the patience to take on a rookie without any limitations, let alone one who has so much media and politics attached as well as limits. And all that binds him in total responsibility for safety and security. Paul Ellering is a good man. And as the Marines are well known for saying, 'they are hard to find'. But there's no doubt, Rachael will find herself among the mushers of Iditarod 34 in 2006. GREAT!!

This was a great story in the 33rd Running of the Idit .. but it was by no means the only one. And I must say, "Hats off, Saluds and Kudos" to Jon Little, the no-doubt frazzled, by smiling like the Cheshire Cat, journalist who pounded the snowy and 'not-so-snowy', lonely, wind-swept and heart-pounding trail to bring us all the latest information on the Iditarod Race.

Cabela's did a good thing in putting Jon on the trail of the stories for their web site. He has performed with the professional moxie of the very teams he's covered. So a BIG, Hearty -

"Thank You!!" to Jon Little, Iditarod Journalist Extraordinaire!!

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