Sunday, March 13, 2005

Martin Buser - lost dog = lost 2 hrs

Cabela's Iditarod - 2005 Race Coverage: AWOL dog costs Buser a couple hours
by Jon Little

EAGLE ISLAND, 7 p.m., AST, March 12, 2005

Martin Buser waves his arms in a kind of hula, indicating his sense of the ridiculous. Buser actually lost a dog on the way to Eagle Island. - Cabela's Iditarod - 2005 Race Coverage story 03.13.05

Well.. as I've said anything can happen on the Race trail .. and to the most experienced of mushers. One of the KEY things I read in this article about Marty's 2-hour goose-chase, was when he said, about his lost dog, Quebec, "He's a good dog, and I decided to have a good attitude about it". This statement reveals a man who can roll-with-the-punches. He's tough as nails - proving that by racing with this injured hand - and continuing in the Idit Race business for over 20 years, but Martin Buser is also a class act. He could have come into the checkpoint at Eagle all mad and making excuses, but instead he comes in characteristically jovial and joking about the mishap. Noone was hurt. Only time was lost - not a LIGHT THING EITHER .. but he was NOT going to let this get the better of him or his dogs. Because Marty knows, the dogs will 'feed' off of his attitude - therefore he keeps it High.

This is an exemplary example of the Outdoor Heritage. Where those involved realize they are not the objective and the cool-head, clear-mind, focused-on-the-goal-at-hand attitude, will WIN in the end. More importantly - will survive.

Good luck Marty ... you've already won in many categories. Let's see if "Buser #5 in 2005" is yours this year as well.


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