Friday, March 18, 2005

Iditarod 2005 - Women make BIG contributions and presence : Rachael Scdoris

NOME, 11 p.m., March 16, 2005

Rachael Scdoris, who followed through on a childhood dream of running the Iditarod, despite being legally blind, has ended her first attempt more than halfway into the race. Scdoris opted to scratch at Eagle Island, one of the most remote and often bleakest points in any Iditarod." Cabela's Iditarod - 2005 Race Coverage: "Scdoris scratches at Eagle Island" ... by Jon Little

Ahhh .. Maaaannnn!!! NUTS! I was pullin' for you RACHAEL! But, I guess Mother Nature has been pullin' against all the mushers this year. And being the last one up the trails, I can only imagine just how 'messed-over' they would be for you.. "8 ( That would be hard on your dogs; having to literally drag the sled over soggy ground. Not good. Not good, at all!

Regardless, though - you are a real winner anyway. I am really proud of you and your acomplishement in this race: just getting into it if nothing else. I can imagine you dad is really beaming with pride for you. Hey, you're young yet. You'll be back next year - and no doubt for several years. And I can see you winning the Iditarod in not too many years as well.

As I said in an email to your website, I and many others will be watching you, Rachael. You have a great future in front of you. It will be a beautiful scenery to behold. No doubt!!

Great race. See you next Iditarod.


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