Thursday, September 01, 2005

They Knew, Did Nothing: Tip of Many such 'icebergs'

I know - professionally- the director of Louisiana State University's Hurricane Center, Dr. Ivor van Heerden; he's also the director fo the Center for the Study of Public Health Impacts of Hurricanes, located in Baton Rouge. He gave .. and has been GIVING a report on the impending disaster - for the past 20 years - we're are now deep into with New Orleans.

I will make a comment on his studies - that of several others - and what I've been involved in myself, later.

But for now ... I want to pass along this CNN interview report with Dr. van Heerden and a video interview with Mr. Walter Maestri, Director of Emergency Management for Jefferson Parish; nearly a 500,000 populace-part of New Orleans.

To say, "I told you so."- may be too painful for people to hear, but once you view this video and read the article - you will come to no other conclusion that just that.

CNN interview w/Dr. Ivor van Heerden (posted on 29 Aug 2005)
CNN video interview w/ Mr. Walter Maestri [click link after 1st paragraph] (this is from a 2004 interview! ) -- this IS a chilling commentary. We ARE NOW seeing it - it has happened!

[NOTE: I don't know when the interview with Dr. van Heerden was 'actually' conducted, but I DO know this information has been around for over 30 years ..and, at this level of seriousness! Hurricane Betsy in 1965 - killed 61 people and forced the levee system constructed - and ever since then EVERYONE knew they were were NOT enough. The computer models showed a Cat 4 direct hit would kill no fewer than 44,000 people in New Orleans - ALONE! ]

This is incredibly sad. And we are in no way seeing the 'only' such case of this level of 'osteriching'. This is one .. of many 'icebergs' floating around in the ocean of our society. We are in danger.. from so many fronts. And we've played osterich for so long. We are 'over due'.

I think we can say ... 'stike two'. We all know the next call ...


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