Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bureaucracy Kills ...

I've been listening - like may of you - to all the news channels - CNN,FOX, MSNBC and all of them have reporters saying the same thing: We hear that help in on the way - but no one has seen it!

Grains of sand can totally immobalize a 60 ton tank. And just like those grains of sand, the grains of bureacracy are immobalizing an entire country: OURS If we don't stem this flow of confidence degradation in our own government - then we are in for a whole lot more trouble than Katrina could ever bring!

If you don't think this would happen to you .. then you're just as vulnerable as those poor souls sweltering in the fetid humidity of the former urban center known as New Orleans.

The majority of the folks stranded in that hell-hole are regular - law abiding, tax-paying, everyday citizens .. just like you, me and our neighbors. So, WHY are they being ignored?

We were all hearing the 'flooding of the streets of NO' were the problem, 2-days ago. Then we heard the Army Corp were not able to make the repairs ??? So, what happened to the great ability of our armed forces? We are still hearing the 'level' explantion today .. 48 hours later. Why?

OK .. they are struggling with a huge problem, so WHY is this stopping helicopters from air-lifting aid to those on roof tops when they pass over them to help others .. and to those who are stranded at the Superdome??

The fact that the real problem is that the location of New Orleans should NEVER have been allowed to grow to the size it is. When you can stand anywhere and look UP to see a huge 200' barge going by at 40' ABOVE you .. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that is NOT a place to be in for an extended period of time.

But regardless of this .. what does this have to do with air-lifting drinking water and food to people who are in dire need of it - in a central location designated by the authorities?


I have yet to hear any kind of reasonable answer.

In one report - a very lucid reporter for NBC news (sorry did not get his name - but he was reporting during Mike Regans show on Fox TV) stated that when he left last night - he came upon no fewer than 60 buses just setting there - on the highway a few miles away from the Superdome. He stopped; they did not want to be on camera - so he asked them WHY they were not heading to the Superdome? The answer he got was, 'it was unsafe and the drivers would not drive into the area'. The reporter told them he just came from there and it was not pleasant -but it was not unsafe, either!! They did NOT move: and still have not! It's Thursday afternoon for goodness sakes!

Mike Brown, Dir of FEMA says help is on the way - in huge amounts. But that help is being held up by individuals who have no real authority to do so. Communiations breakdown. Hmm, signs of bureaucratic BS rearing its ugly head all over the place.

I can tell you that if I were that reporter I would have given those bus drivers two choices .. 1. get in their buses and believe it to be unsafe or 2. remain where they were and know for certain they were unsafe in doing that.

As usual ... it is a breakdown in communications at the lowest level that messes up the whole works. Bureaucracy working at it's very best pace: DEAD STILL!

Just like those grains of sand .. it only takes a few in the wrong place - at the right time - and even a giant will come to a grinding halt.

Oh ... if there isn't a massive 'calvalry ride over the hill' .. and REAL SOON .. then the spill-over of this injustice ... real or otherwise ... is going to be felt from sea-to-not-so-shining-sea, border to border and it will not be good. It WILL cripple our nation. Talk about a national security problem. We won't need to worry about terrorists .. we're in the beginning throws of doing to ourselves !

This is quickly turning into a real PR-nightmare. And I do believe a number of before 'hidden problems' .. or not-so-hidden depending ones level of naivite .. within our governments leaders is really beginning to show itself. The first sign - as my mother used to tell me when I began screaming, ''s not my fault!', that the sign of a guilty person is the speed of which the assure you they are perfectly right in what they did. There have been a whole lot of quick-draw artists plying their spin-craft all day today in that other fetid wasteland, known as Washington, DC.

Let's not loose hope or breakdown to anarchy- that will do NO ONE any good. But when the polls open up again in November - let's not forget we need some serious changes. Let's remember the role bureauracracy played in this unecessary -totally preventable- disaster-of-its-own-making ... and say with voice, pen and lever ... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let's bring people into office who are REAL and know how to be REAL. Real people can admit error - take responsibility for their actions.. good or bad. They admit it and get on with doing the right thing at the right time.

Do we still have anyone like that who WILL serve the American public? Will our country even accept them IF they show up? I don't know the answers to this .. but I sure know what I would like. How about you?

Frustrated - but hopeful - in brokenheart Hoosierland,


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