Friday, March 18, 2005

Iditarod 2005 - Women make BIG contributions and presence : Kathy Chapotan

Dogs rest in White Mountain.Kathy Chapoton praised at White Mountain

Dogs rest in White Mountain
Photo by Danny Seavey

Mushers arriving at White Mountain are usually puzzled enough after enduring long runs at the end of along race. They're as tired as they will get. So imagine the odd feeling they must have had upon arriving at this second-to-last checkpoint in a snowstorm only to be greeted by virtually no one. No one, that is, except a few local residents, Martin Buser's wife, Kathy Chapoton, and some tourists Chapoton enlisted to help. Cabela's Iditarod - 2005 Race Coverage: "Scdoris scratches at Eagle Island" ... by Jon Little

Allllll Riiiiightt K A T H Y !!! Now this would be a great story in itself. Kathy - on the way to meet here husband - musher Martin Buser - at the far-out checkpoints of the Iditarod, gets socked in with bad weather - and makes the best of it by being the 'champion' of the hour for every musher coming through remote White Mountain. Of course there is no one else there - but that also means you have to a LOT more than you would normally. Either way - it was a 'BIG JOB'. Therefore - BIG THANKS !

But too boot - she IS Martin Buser's wife!!! That means Happy Trails Kennels had three (3) major human participants in the race: Martin Buser bib #78, John Hessman, bib#51 and Kathy Chapotan, bib#Chief-Cook & Bottle Washer!! From all indications, she was a happy and jovial -to be around- as her musher-hubby Martin. What a pair!!

I do believe this would pop Kathy into a shoe-in for the Louis L'Amour 'Woman to Ride the River With - Award' !! Hands down. Now we know WHY Happy Trails Kennels is so successful. No offense Marty .. you look good on the trail and mush dogs better than most - but Kathy is better looking and is a One-Woman-Army! That is ONE THING no one messes with - for sure! You are one lucky guy to have her on YOUR side. Don't forget the flowers and goodies .. she deserves 'em !!

"THANKS TO YOU KATHY!" from all of us in the 'from afar' range of viewing the Great Race - by paper, magzine, internet and TV. Your efforts were appreciated by those who were in your presence - in that hard-tme on the trial.. Your example, too, shall kindle fires for years to come.


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