Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Who Owns the Waters ...

Mike Clifford (Heartland Outdoorsman) has posted an intersting treatise on the topic of water resource ownership, entitled, "Who Owns the Rivers". The information answers questions about river ownership, use and conservation. Here is the basic tenor of the piece:

Following are answers to frequently-asked questions about federal law regarding public ownership, use, and conservation of rivers. Note that this is a general discussion, and is not a substitute for legal counsel on a specific river issue! State law in a particular state may modify some of the following. Questions and answers are now in preparation for various states, and will be posted in the River Registry department of this web site as soon as they are ready. The following information, which is part of a continuing project of research and publishing about river law, is made possible by the generosity of the members of the National Organization for Rivers.

Meanwhile .. read it. I'll warn you, it's long. It is, however, very well written [detailed -VERY] and IS straight from the law concerning 'ownership' of water ways in the United States.

This is good information to know. Waterways are KEY ELEMENTS in understanding and preserving our Outdoor Heritage. Learn as much as you can about how to PROTECT - CONSERVE - and RESTORE them - in your area - and around our great country.

A.O'fieldstream ...

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